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'Shorts' is a page dedicated to shorter, refiner more intimate and condensed poems from                                   including formats like Haiku's, Epigram's and much, much more!

Haiku - A Haiku is a short format of Poetry originating in Japan. The structure of a Haiku is consistent of 17 syllables, across 3 lines (5, 7, 5) usually surrounding a key word, topic, or theme.

Epigram - A Epigram is a small, interesting, notable, and usually witty poem with an ingenious ending.

A great example of one is this amazing piece by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"What is an Epigram? a dwarfish whole,

Its body brevity, and wit its soul"

*Some poems on here are neither and are nothing more than a short poem (Or a bit of gibberish)

Tilted Picture Frame,

Dust shows more than the image,

Where did I go wrong?

Sunshine empowers 

That rains like a shower

And then suddenly I'm feeling all alone

Dwelling brusies for hours 

Swelling snoozing that cowards

From me picking up my phone

i woke up to throw up and it was gross.

was it the dodgy Chinese or excessive smoke?

was it being sick or getting better?

Jay C. C

Swimming to the shore, 

We'll go for it

Going with the current 

I will flow with it


Splash, and there you go
Drowning in your absences
Come back to the sea

I can never miss, what I never had.

But I still felt love,

Unknowing you never loved me back.

Is that you, Or Me?
Can you tell me

Limited language

Oh how I wish to translate

Into everything

A Man Who Drops His Guilt In The Sea Will Return To Land The Same As He Left

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The release of you,

I felt cleansed, I thought.

But the smell of your disingenuous charm has stained my senses.

Meaning, no matter where I go, what I do or when I do it.

I will always, still, sense you.

You wake me,
Like ground coffee.
Such a bitter taste,
That I have come to love.

September/ October

Beginnings can only triumph, 

When you've finally said goodbye to what's holding you back

My eyes felt heavy with the pain of me departing

Forever shaped by the voices of my conditioning, Becomes a nightly sane

Hence the posture of my current positioning,

Now can you see the pain?

When you break the restraints and start to reach for your stars,

Only then will you realise how bright the

sky can be 

Even with the grace of


The slightest glimpse of change,

I am yet to shake you from my mind

Even within the eye of this catalyst storm,

I still manage to see you

Productive pride pierces my temple with shaking confusion, but in this destiny of mine, I'll strive to just be divine. 

Spring Shorts

“I found myself thinking, who am I? This thought breezed through my mind, leaving a chill on my eye. I mediated softly where a time before, this would’ve made my cry”

“Whatever way the wind blows is where I'll go, steady or not we’ll flow. This storm may try shake my leafs, but tonight I will just feel a breeze”

“The owl waved goodbye to a mischievous butterfly, hoot said the bird to a sudden earthworm”

Why are the toys looked up away? 

Why can't they also see

Are the toys never allowed to play?

Why can't we set them free? 

Why are these little toys have to be inanimate?

They ask if can they be life

What is real, and what is not 

when we're all in a ride of time?

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