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Pure Shores

Pure Shores is an online anthology completely free of charge! The vision I had on my most recent holiday was to take the visual aspects I saw and use them as a writing prompt. The underlining themes of these poems surround love, self-belief, self-growth, Social issues, desire, desperation, and even a deprived heart.

With this project, I hope not only to inspire those to see more than what catches the eye but also to see that motivation and inspiration can reside everywhere. 


Don't bend to the tides that hold you,

Never submit to the current which tries to mould you 

Fishes may swim up to try and whisper tempts,

At least sharks look scary from a distance


Don't fall to their streams 

Don't live to build another's dream

Trust your heart and the boat you built

If not, you may sail forever on unfulfilled guilt


Never try to block the waves, they complete the ocean 

Never try to disengage your brain 

Instead, sit back and let it open 

Open you up to isles and lands you've never seen 

Tropical paradises that some will never believe you've been 


Smell a sun that's unfamiliar and full 

Don't define yourself by the waves that hit you, but more by the defeated bulls 

Don't just look to the horizon 

Look to see where you once started,

Then reflect on the journey you've had since been departed 

From the dock, you thought you'd never leave

With all the chit-chat and isolated trees 

A whole new boat and captain you'll see

Surrounded by a tsunami which now feels like a breeze

Enjoy your time spent with the waves and sea 

As they put the I… me 

Mountains In The Distance

I can see pyramids in Paris 

Galápagos in Greece 

I see perspectives, Casa de parientes

Wakening to epiphanies in the south-east


I see boys who claim to be men 

Mice who impersonate tigers 

Those who ignore love,

But feed possessive cycles of violence

If a bear were raised by wolves,

How long till they would howl?

Scream, moan, bark, at a moon 

Or get caught up in a postcode rowl

I see concrete as long as the towers they build 

I see nature submitting to a surveyors hold 

I see roads with holes and tracks still yet built 

A dream house by diamantés covering mould......


...I see mountains in the distance 

One’s filled with hope in town 

I see but can never reach,

Even though it’s in the distance, we’re found

But this concrete cataclysm 

Doesn’t ever seem to cool 

Forever warming, tensions rising

No time to chill by the pool


Politicians should act more like lifeguards,

Ensuring no one gets hurt or die

But they fund the fear, threats, and blood

Leaving us with debt, charging us a lifetime for some wires and ply


I see Mountains in the distance 

But are they real or just projections 

I see Mountains in the distance 

Or are they my own smeared reflections

I see Mountains in the distance 

Do I see or desire to dream

I see Mountains in the distance 

But do these Mountains see me


Tear the stars out from the sky

Take the sun away 

Per your request, there shall be no light 

No more sign of day 

I sit beside you in awe 

Then reflect on you in distaste

You're like my favourite cigarette 

Resting on my lips poison fed every day


A rubber ring wasn't made for two 

Nor was the us

But we tried to squeeze it in 

Till we felt the inevitable bust up


You took all the space 

As you went down the slide by yourself

I watched all of your faces, 

As they experienced heaven then hell


I was too far back when you began 

You were planning everything out 

Where to put the sunscreen, sunglasses

When I just brought a towel 

You planned the whole day by the pool 

When I was just killing a couple of hours 

You wanted to try every slip and slide,

Whilst I was checking them out 


I was dipping in my toes 

Checking out the temperature with my fins

As you ignored the potent signs 

You went diving straight in 


I acted as the lifeguard and quietly ignored the slow fall

I never sent for rescue

I didn't send a call 

I happily watched us burn 

With chlorine and piss at the bottom of a pool

No room for rescue

No more signs of life 

No more fun shall be had 

When we're poolside 

I'm sorry that I can't be your man 

But hurting you was never the plan 

I promise I only wanted to make you full 

So shut all the waves and slides 

Evacuate the pool

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