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Hey There!

My names Jay and here's a little bit about me!

Born on the emergences of a new millennium I find then express myself and my experiences through this world through my words.

I have been writing poetry for about 8 years. Only recently, October 2020, did I fully submerge myself into the poetry world. I self-published two poetry anthologies "My Red Pen" & "The Foundation Of I". After this, I had a craving for more to do with writing and displaying my art. 

I found myself, luckily, upon a course called 'Get Started With Spoken Word' run by Poetic Unity and The Princes Trust. In this course, I was exposed to the aspect of spoken word poetry. In the interview for this course, I was desperate to be a part of this amazing course. After that interview session, I instantly wrote and recorded my first spoken word poem  "Am I Important?". This led to me incorporating spoken word into my art and exploring performing on stage allowing my art to be felt through a different forum.

I thankfully got a place on that course which I completed to gain an Arts Award, Since then I have completed numerous other courses online during the lockdown pandemic. Now due to the lockdown restrictions easing up, I am on a mission to try and perform and share my poetry in many various locations, events, and venues. Although my current day ventures are consumed by poetry and spoken word, I mainly consider myself to be a storyteller at heart. I live for the desire to be able to generate and share the most beautiful, shocking, and entertaining stories. I am, slowly, working on two books. One about Science, mainly physics and astronomy, and the other is a horror book. I hope to release these in the next few years alongside more poetry anthologies,  more spoken word performances, more stories, and hopefully more greatness. 

If you enjoy any of my work please share the art and don't feel shy too reach out to let me know or just to ask some questions about my journey so far. This website updating all the time so you can follow my instagram account to know exactly when I update my site.

Jay C. C

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